Sunday, February 8, 2009

Never Check E-Mail In The Morning

Here are some of the most important points I learned from the book "Never Check Email in the Morning" by Julie Morgenstern:

Dance close to the revenue line.  This was the most important tip I learned from the book.  It means, when deciding to do one task over an other, make sure the first task is one that is closer to affecting the revenue line of your business.  I've already seen positive results and better decisions made.  

Other tips include: 

Capture all To-Do's in one place

5 Q's and 4 D's when deciding how to prioritize
1. How long will it take?
2. What is the return on investment?
3. What is the deadline

Check emails at 10, 2 and 5pm only.

Move personal emails to evening or 5pm time slot if necessary.

Sort items in folders within arms distance.  File away things in permanent folders when finished with a task.  

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