Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Quietime?

Welcome to my first post.  

Alb-qtdevotion-m For years, I've considered developing this website, but it hasn't been right until now.  I've been blogging for over a year now (see my blog here).  I'm a writer of spirit-filled instrumental piano music.  I've always wanted to combine the two.  So this is my humble attempt to create a website that can be a resource for other spirit-filled believers.  

I hope to provide you most of all with some quality "soaking" music.  With this blog, I will write about my experiences and hopeful provide you with good information on quiet time resources, music for your times of worship and prayer, personal observations that I have on what it means to 'soak in the spirit' and so much more.  My wife and I lead worship at a small home group church (although we've grown and needed to move into a building) called "The Nest".  It's there that many of these resources and ideas take their root.  

I pray this website is a great resource for you.

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