Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wingfeather Saga

A few weeks ago on Facebook I asked my friends what books they'd recommend for my boys.  My neighbor, after kiddingly recommending Stephen King novels at first, then answered seriously "The Wingfeather Saga" books by Andrew Peterson.  Well, last weekend he lent them to me for Alex to read.  Alex, my 10 year old crazy reader, devoured both books - each 300 pages or more - in about 2 days.  This, while going to school and doing sports also.  He could not put them down. He was up early and stayed up late to read them.  Tonight, he shared the stories within the books with me in detail.  Andrew Peterson is a maker of great music, and also great adventure/fantasy novels.  Get them for your kids.  Andrew, please write a third.  My son and I beg you.

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