Monday, August 11, 2008

Mr. Abs of Franklin - Week 1 Progress Report

Hockey20goal20usaPROGRESS REPORT - So far this week, I've lost 1 pound of fat.  My % is down to 22%.  (22.5% last week)

My weight is still 202.5 lbs. 

My resting heart rate was 78 bpm.  (84 last week)

My waist was down to 38 inches.  (39 last week)

I would grade myself a B on my first week's Strength For Life effort.  I've never felt so sore.  I worked out everday except I did not follow the plan on Saturday.  Instead, I spent 6 hours mowing, trimming the grass and trimming all of the hedges and trees in our yard.  I also made some mistakes in my workout schedule - instead of doing my Pull workout on Thursday, I did my abs/HIIT training that day.  I should have done that on Friday.  Oh well.  I still made great effort and kept to my eating commitments.  I find it hard to keep a journal - just finding the time to plan and fill it out is difficult.  Oh well, I'm on to Week 2! 

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