Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Announcement

Pregnant We are proud to announce Krissy is 7 weeks pregnant with our third child!  The due date is April 3, 2009.  Our sons are 8 and 6.  We are really excited to be having a third. 

Many people have asked us if this baby was planned.  Our answer is "yes and no".  We were never certain we were finished, but we were not purposely trying to have a baby either. 

Every day we are filled with more joy about the coming baby.  We were just saying to each other today how right it feels to being having one more!  They are each such precious gifts from God.  Now, having older boys, we can even more appreciate starting all over again.

More on this in the coming weeks and months!  Krissy is already showing a little bit.  We are taking good care of her and making sure she stays healthy.  The first two were difficult with Krissy's blood pressure.  Pray for her. 

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  1. CONGRATS you guys!!!! You're such awesome parents, how exciting!