Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quick Draw McGraw

That devotional from Os Hillman I posted today has got me asking a lot of questions.  

In my business, for example, what have I taken to God?  

Why has my work life been so difficult over the last year or so?  Why has the labor been more difficult than normal?  

Why have I been fighting off more and more negative thoughts this year regarding my work?  Have I stopped to ask God before making decisions this year?  No, not specifically.  Generally, I'll begin my days asking God to help me make good decisions.  But, is that really enough?

Could it be that I've taken on labels or artists that God never intended to give me?  My business manager often calls me 'Quick Draw McGraw' because I work too fast and sometimes make errors as a result.  Have I been 'Quick Draw McGraw' in picking up new business?  

As I pose these questions to God, in my spirit, I'm sensing the answer is yes to this last question.  I sense God saying "Yes, Eric, you've been making agreements with others that you shouldn't be making.  You need to slow down, release what I have not given you.  You are making your work life much more difficult than I ever intended for you." 

"A man can receive only what is given him from heaven." - John 3:27

I hope to expound more on this in future posts...for now, I'm going to do some more work, deal with my broken down minivan and continue praying about this over lunch.  Contemplatively yours...

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