Monday, January 12, 2009

The Correct Pronunciation of Syrup

The great debate around our house these days is the correct pronunciation of the word "syrup".  Krissy comes from Michigan where they pronounce it "sir-rup".  I come from New Jersey, where we pronounce it "see-rup". Kaden takes his mommy's side.  Alex takes his daddy's side.  We tried to end the argument by calling a famous pancake place here in Nashville, The Pancake Pantry.  Unfortunately, they haven't seen the light yet and pronounce it "sir-rup".  That was a few months ago.  I sort of conceded, but also with the understanding that here in the south, they probably pronounce it that way because it's easier and less proper.  

Just recently, we watched Dan In Real Life again, one of my favorite movies, and they all pronounced it "see-rup".  Well, that just stirred up the old argument again.  This morning, over "see-rup" and oatmeal, I decided to look it up on Google.  Someone posted that it could be pronounced both ways on Wikipedia.  There was actually another forum where it was discussed at length, but no clear cut conclusion was drawn.  

I just went onto a blog site that seems to be much about pancakes and asked them if they could give me a definitive answer.  If they respond, I'll let you know. 2009 must be the year when we put this issue to rest.

If not, I'm afraid we may never be able to 'pronounce' a winner on this one.  Then, I will continue to say "see-rup" along with Alex.  Krissy will continue to say "sir-rup" with Kaden and we'll just have to live with it.  

Please send back any comments that may enlighten me on this issue.

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  1. Come on, just give it up. You know I'm right!