Sunday, March 1, 2009

Never Be The Same

Our family stopped our busyness for a few hours, sat down and watched “Invincible” last night together.  The movie is an inspiring football story.  It gave us one more time to cuddle up with our boys and watch a “guy flick” together.  It particularly special because things are about the change soon in the Nordhoff household. 

These times have been sweet counting down the days until our new baby, Anthem, arrives. I feel particularly emotional about these last few days together as a foursome with the boys.  Our family dynamic will never be the same when the baby comes.  It will good change and one that we've been looking forward to for a long time.  But, for now, the time we have with just the two boys is very special.  I've been finding myself appreciating every precious moment I have with them.  

I remember clearly the last few days Krissy and I shared together before Alex was born.  We were so eager for Alex to come, but we also knew it would never be the same again. And so, I'm glad we took the time to appreciate the last precious days together as just the two of us.  The same can be said the last days before Kaden’s arrival.  The time we had with Alex alone was precious too.  We could never imagine how competitive Alex would be when his little brother would compete with him for attention.  :)

Krissy went to the hospital on Friday with high blood pressure.  With her being 35 weeks pregnant, we know the baby can come any day now.  So, with this emergency, we realize more than ever that the time is near when our family dynamic will change once again... forever.  

I’ve been noticing myself becoming very sentimental about the moments we have together with Alex and Kaden.  What I realized most is that I’m enjoying the moments with the boys more – looking for teachable moments or moments just to hug ‘em.  

I know I’m going to change when Anthem arrives...and it will be good.  For now, I just want to hold onto these precious moments as the four of us, for as long as possible.  It's been this way for 7 wonderful years.  We're now about to enter a new stage of our family's life. 

Living day by day and appreciating every moment together has it's benefits.  It is nice living this way.  It would be nice to live this way every day, but we don't always.  So, I'm glad I am.  I love you, my family of four.  Thank you for making my life full of joy and giving me a greater purpose for living.  Thankfulness - it's a good place to be.

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