Monday, April 6, 2009

Pacifiers, Mylicon, TV Remotes and Nose Suckers

I'm trying not to fall down the stairs lately...I have a special package in my hand - my 2 week old baby girl, Anthem.  It's 3am and it's time for Daddy to take over.  

Mommy has just finished nursing and Anthem is still awake and fussing.  So, I, being the hero, gallantly take her in my arms, try not to stumble down the steps and quietly make my way across the creaking hardwood floor onto my usual spot: the leather couch.  There HPIM1676
waiting for me, are my tools for the overnight: a pacifier, Mylicon (or generic gas relief) drops, my TV remote and my nose sucker.  All of this will get me through any problem I might have and keep me sane in the process.  

I watch a mix of Fox News, Golf Channel (The Masters is coming up!), ESPN, CNN or any of the local channels to see what's up in the world. 

A few switching of the sides of my arm or up on my shoulder, a few pacifier attempts, a couple of suctions of the nose, a rare diaper full of yellow stuff changing (thankfully) and maybe a mylicon drop or two and Anthem is asleep.

Usually, at around 4am, Anthem is finally in a deep sleep and I place her down somewhere comfortable.  Then, since I'm now wide awake, HPIM1680
it's time to check emails, write a blog entry, do some admin work or get done whatever needs to get done in my business.  

I'm actually starting to like this early morning routine.  If I can get to sleep by 9:30pm, I get almost 6 hours sleep.  A little nap later in the day and I'm good to go.  

I wouldn't change this opportunity for the world.  I love my little girl.


  1. Eric - you're taking me back 22 years. Wow. It sounds familiar. Do you sing to her? We had this rocker that I sat in for hours and hours.

  2. Hey Jim, from time to time, I sing to her, yes. Today was the first time that I imagined all of the life that I'm going to experience with this little one. It was hard to picture that this little package would someday be a teenage daughter or eventually have kids herself. I cherish these times only because I have a 7 and 9 year old at home and they already have a lot of independence. I appreciate the dependence she has to her mother and me at this time. It's a special time that I am going to appreciate over these next 4 or 5 years.