Friday, May 8, 2009

Franklin Cowboys Combine Highlights

Cowboys 2009-LOGO-alt-6 We had a fun week.  Every day from 6 - 7:30, both of the boys participated in the Franklin Cowboys Spring Combine.  Over 300 kids participated from all age groups all across Franklin.  Alex was in the 9 year old group.  Kaden was in the 7 year old.  Each day of the combine, they each learned new skills they'll be able to use when the season starts in July.  Alex will play tackle football in the fall - Kaden still is too little.  He'll play flag again (if he wants). 

Tonight, they finished the week with a competition.  They competed in broad jump, punting, kicking field goals, sprints, high jumps and some obstacle courses.  Krissy and I were proud to watch them compete.  They both did so well.  Kaden kicked a 20 yard punt - the longest in his age group.  Alex was the only one in his age group to make a field goal.  Alex also got the best in the high jump and 2nd in broad jump.  Kaden came in second in sprints.  

Overall, out of 30 kids in his age group, Alex came in second all around.  I was so proud to hear his name announced.  I thought for sure Kaden at least came in second, maybe even first (goes to show you how proud I am), but he wasn't called.  He must have barely missed coming in second (eternal optimist father).  Here are the results...seems Kaden did well enough to be in first or second.  I guess they didn't want to give it to too many Nordhoffs...

I was proud of both of my boys.  It's a fun event and only cost $35 per child.  They each got a t-shirt and were able to get some great experience doing what they loved. 

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