Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Facebook Generation

Facebook_logo_withpage I've noticed a trend lately.  There is a new generation cropping up.  It's the generation of children whose lives are being documented literally from 'Day 1' online via Facebook.  

My 6 week old, was born in March.  We documented the 18 hour birth experience, 'play by play', so to speak via Facebook status updates.  Every important moment was captured in a status update.  If I had been setup with Twitter at that time, I would have sent out even more updates or tweets.  (Unfortunately, I had a hokey connection to the internet via the hospital's TV system, but it worked anyway.)

Even better than the status updates was reading all of the comments sent back by my Facebook Friends encouraging us along the way.  We even had one friend, during a particularly difficult part of the birth, who gave us massaging techniques that we incorporated into the birthing process.  We called her and she walked us through some things that helped Krissy along the way.  

This new generation is the Facebook Generation.  Every bit of their lives from birth to death, will be captured on Facebook (or some new version of it in future years).  Pictures, videos, blog stories, likes and dislikes, all of the IQ challenges, relationship status, political views, favorite music - all of it will be captured (forever) on Facebook.  They will have a living log of their life like no one else has ever had before.  

They are the Facebook Generation.  

My baby girl, Anthem, is a Facebook Baby.  

Facebook is the new scrapbook of life.  

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