Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods - A Better Man For It

The 'coming out' party Tiger has had is a sad consequence of his actions, which are reprehensible.  However, like all of life's best lessons, this may just make him a better man in the end.  Read this article from Rick Reilly about Tiger Woods.  It summarizes what this optimist thinks of the situation. 


  1. You get the same number of comments that I typically get. Thought I would give you one so you know how it feels...LOL!!!

  2. Sorry optimist! He may be a better man for it but he qualifies for scum bag of the year. N man is without faults but this dude must have thought himself untouchable. He put his wife at risk, ruined his family and let down several generations of fans. It can be redeemed...but only by the Father...some day. His earthly dad would smack him!

  3. Definitely, there is no excuse for his behavior. What is happening to him and what will happen to him in the near future is simply the consequence of his choices and actions. He made some awful, selfish, disgusting choices (not just once or twice, but for years) and he'll have to live with them the rest of his life. He did think he was untouchable. He believed himself superhuman.
    It's also interesting to see what happens to a man, when his moral compass is gone, his father. Yes, we can pray that he turns to his Heavenly Father for redemption. That's the best choice he can make.
    Let's see what choices he makes from this point forward.

  4. There's more coming out on this. Its worth waiting for. If he's in for a fall, its going to be from a great height.