Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strength For Life

StrengthbookOn Sunday, August 3, I plan to begin my 12 Week Transformation from flab to fab!!  I'm following a new fitness plan called Strength For Life by Shawn Phillips (brother of Body For Life Bill Phillips). 

These last few years of eating, binging, eating even more, failed diets and even greater eating still have had an effect on my body.  Later this week, I'm going to take 'official' measurements, but I already know I'm over 205 pounds and way too much body fat. 

During these next 3 months, I'm not planning a trip or doing anything that could distract me from making a transformation in my body and mind.  So, no more excuses.  I'm always hopeful when I start a workout program or eating plan, then I tend to lose interest or motivation.  I've made a commitment to finish strong this time. 

Before I actually started the transformation, I've been doing the Base Camp program in the book.  For 12 days, I'm eating no wheat, no cows milk or sugars.  Plus, I'm eating tons of veggies, fruits, nuts and healthy meats - as much as I want.  I'm sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  I'm also drinking tons of water.  Plus, I'm doing a light workout 3x per week just to keep myself fit.  The routine is meant to reboot your system and prepare it for the Transformation phase. 

I'm on Day 8 of Base Camp. Days 1-3 were tough.  I could feel my body weakening for lack of sugar and breads!  I was craving junk and fighting off weakness.  I also couldn't sleep well the first few nights.  I slept 7-8 hours, but it was light sleep.  Now, I'm coasting.  I can much more easily resist sugars.  I do crave breads and cereal every now and then, but I'm confident I will complete the task.  I'm sleeping like a baby - snoring away!

I might start a link on my page to go directly to the pages that cover my transformation.  Look for that link somewhere on this page sometime soon.  I will post my measurements, photos (if I dare) and updates regularly on my progress there.  Please send encouragement to me along the way...I could use it. 

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  1. Your journey is inspiring me to pick up where I left off in June. I was working out 3x per week - a really tough (for me) workout, burning at least 700 calories in an hour. Drinking a protein shake for breakfast. Decent, healthy meals. Then we left for Africa. Then we got back from Africa and I went to Romania. Now I'm back from Romania and leaving for Africa in 3 weeks. And since this is our new way of life (travel=work=work=travel) I've got to deal with it. I'm ready for the "no more excuses" phase of fitness. If we travel, if we have company, if I'm tired, if we are celebrating something, whatever, I need to be able to stand strong, know how to respond and live and eat at all times in all situations, places, frames of mind. I'm going to buy "Strength for Life" today. I doubt if I'll post my results - seems like guys are a lot more willing to be vulnerable in that area of life - I've already been trying to do "Fitness Friday" posts about fitness in general and I tend to keep it pretty low key and vague in regards to me personally. We'll see. Maybe as I see more results, I'll share some big milestones if I think it will be encouraging to others.