Monday, December 1, 2008

The Payoff Is Worth The Hard Work

We conquered a major project this weekend.  We've converted our bonus room into the boys room this weekend.  All of the pictures and decor are not up yet, but at least you can see it at 80% completion.  

We prepped the room for painting: spackled loads of cracks in the ceiling, taped the room and cleared the floor.  Then, we finally painted a new ceiling, walls and trim.  We also added a new ceiling light and installed new hardware on all of the doors (not pictured).

The theme is football - complete with Titans sheets and football light switch plate.  Pictures of the boys' flag football adventures (see other posts) will be on the wall and there will still be plenty of room to fit the lego table next to the window!

I'm sore today after 20 hours of work, but it feels good!

Next weekend is Anthem's room (our new baby girl coming in March).

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