Saturday, June 7, 2008


37 37. Does that sound old to you? A 37 year old man. Today, I'm 37.  Thirteeeeeeeee-sevennnnnnnnnnnnn!! Ugh...that sounds old.

Here are some things I'm going to work on in the next year:

1. Lose weight.  I'd like to be 185-190 lbs of pure lean muscle mass!

2. Have a better balance of my work life and my family life.  I spend too much time working and not enough time being a husband and a dad. 

3. Be a better worker.  I'm doing too much.  I need to administrate better and improve my work habits and planning.  I'd rather do less and earn more.  I'm working on that.

4. Financially, I'd like to be a better saver and more disciplined in our spending.

5. I'd like to be a better friend.  I don't invest in others well.  I'm going to endeavor to be a better friend to those God has put around me.

If I can do that this year, I'll say I've accomplished much in the 37th year of my life.

Happy Birthday to me!

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