Sunday, June 1, 2008

Russian Perspective on Gospel Music Week

Gma_2 At Gospel Music Week 2008, the Gospel Music Association hosts a very well attended event - the Sunday International Reception.  It was at the reception that I met Alexander Babich - President of the HXT Fund based in Moscow, Russia

I just recently received an interview about his trip Russian Christian media about his experiences at GMA.  I found it very interested.  I thought it would be fun to translate using Yahoo Babelfish.  Here is the report word for word translated:

"Alexander Babich visited in the USA conference GMA The leader of company [NKHT] Alexander Babich visited in [Neshville] (USA) the conference GMA (Gospel Of music Of association), at which on April 23 was entrusted main musical reward in the region of Christian music GMA Of dove Of awards 2008, reports Christian mega-portal

The largest international Christian musical association GMA already in 39- y of times entrusted to the most worthy artists of its of " gold of [golubya]". The immense ceremony, which was transmitted to entire America in straight ether, were named the possessors of the reward GMA Of dove Of awards 2008 in 43 different nominations. At the conference Alexander repeatedly met with the director OF GMA on international questions, as a result of which it began the understanding about the plans to develop joint collaboration [NKHT] and GMA.

Also, within the framework trip the leader OF [NKHT] conducted many encounters with the well-known Christian executors and their managers, representatives of known [leyblov]; with some of them it was possible to reach the understandings about the concrete collaboration. “Me struck the huge amount of professionals in all regions. Staggering artists with the elegant songs and the powerful voices. But the main thing - these are their modesty, sincere faith, [posvyashchennost]. They are present stars for the glory of the Lord. I dream to see such artists, as with the complete merit, with truthful modesty and with the powerful anointment will lead in the secular hit-parades and gather the complete stadiums of spectators with the Christian songs. Besides artists the organizers struck by professionalism. Especially conducting the final ceremony of the presentation to musical reward, which was transmitted in straight ether. Similar closely no even on our professional stage”, shared with impressions about the trip Alexander Babich.

Alexander is convinced after the visit of this conference that is alien the time to create “our” musical Evangelical association, which will combine all, who see their vocation in the development of Christian music. “I see nothing impossible for us in order to reach something similar, especially, if we believe. It is only necessary to be combined by all, who sees his service to God in the region of Christian music. Known [leybly] of America, which transfer some taxes alone each year millions of dollars, they do not consider it for themselves dishonourable to enter into association, but they are vice versa its founders. Association creates conditions for the development of industry as a whole, and this [sozidaet] and it develops entire Christian musical culture”, noted the leader OF [NKHT]"

We'll keep following up with Alexander to see how he fares in the development of a possible GMA Russia.  As you may know, there already exists in development, a GMA Europe.   

To read it in the original Russian, click on this link:

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