Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lemonade Stand

Lemonadestand2 I see the beginnings of an entreprenuer in my son, Kaden.  He has a goal to save up for a Nintendo Wii system.  I told him that if he saved up for half of it, then I would pay for the other half.  So, he's been working his little buns off every morning doing his daily jobs - watering flowers, collecting trash, cleaning the floor, windexing the kitchen table, etc.  He gets $.20 for every job.  Every day he earns $1.00 - that's $5.00 per week. 

On top of his jobs, he's also doing extra jobs whenever we ask him.  Not only that, but he's thinking of ways to sell more stuff - ebay, garage sale, etc.  Yesterday, he opened a lemonade stand, charging $.50 per fresh-squeezed lemonade glass.  Not bad profit per glass for the little guy.Lemonade_stand   

Lastly, he's learning how to save, spend and give with the money he earns.  He's doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Junior system which teaches God's ways of handling money.  He gives 10% of his earnings away to church or special causes.  He saves most of it for the Wii and keeps a little every week for ice cream money or small toys he wants. 

Not bad for a little 6-year old!  Way to go Kaden!  Watch this page for more 'Kadenomics' stories.

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