Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flag Football Frenzy

Hpim1021I've been blessed this year to coach a flag football team of exceptionally talented young boys.

It's truly one of the highlights of my week to coach our team of 7-8 year olds. Alex and Kaden play together. It's really fun to coach them both - they're both incredible players all the way around.

I also get to coach with one of my favorite people - Jeff Boesinger. Jeff and his wife, Lisa, their son Jake and daughter Kaylee are such great people and have truly become our best "flag football" friends. Jeff is a defensive specialist - he's only had one TD scored against him in 5 games.

Hpim1039On top of that, I get to coach 6 other great kids: Ryan, Eli, Ben, Joseph, Thomas and Spencer.

This truly is a special team and a special season. Not only are we 5-0 and have dominated about every game, but these boys also show great respect to their teammates and opposing team, they play great together and they are very talented.

Hpim1048This past weekend we played our rival team - the Falcons. The team is coached by one of my favorite people out on the fields - Brian Sullivan. He always prepares his team. I was very nervous going into the match-up. On top of that, Graham is also on his team. He and his parents are some of my favorite people also. I coached with Steve, Graham's dad, last season (Giants) and we had lots of fun. The game was tight after the first half. In the end, our team beat them 18-0, but it was a tough fight. Afterward, we all gathered together and Brian led a prayer for us all. That's one of the reasons why Brian is such a special coach. Even in defeat, he led us all in giving credit where credit is due.

Here's our team cheer:

Have FUN







Coach Eric

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