Friday, October 17, 2008

Texas Two-step

KidsspaceplaceKrissy, the boys and I have spent the last few days in Texas visiting with my parents.  First, we spent two days in Houston.  While there, we visited Space Center Houston.  It was Spacecenter2fun, but they haven't changed much since we last were there in 2002.  We took a tram tour, landed the Space Shuttle on the simulator and watched a few movies about space and the future of NASA (Operation Constellation). 

Kaden and Alex rode a golf cart for the first time on the golf course and my dad paid for the boys to have golf lessons at Bay Oaks. 

Thealamo Yesterday, we drove to San Antonio.  We spent a few hours visiting The Alamo.  Afterwards, the boys and I watched a IMAX movie about The Alamo called The Price of Freedom, while Krissy and my parents went shopping at The RiverCenter Mall.  I learned a lot about the history of Texas and the importance of the fall at The Alamo.  SanantonioriverwalkMy favorite line in the movie was where Davy Crockett says "You may go to hell, I'm going to Texas".

Later, that evening we walked the RiverWalk downtown and Dinnerriverwalkhad Italian dinner at Michellano's (I think that's what it was called).  We would have had Mexican, but we were all a little sick from the Taco Bell we ate earlier that day for lunch. 

Today, the grand finale - Sea World.  Kaden and Alex have been looking forward to going for weeks.  Kaden wants to touch the Dolphins. 

Maybe I'll write a post about it later!

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