Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where do I want to be at age 35?

Whereage35_212 years ago (1996), for New Year's (I think), I wrote a list of where I'd like to be at age 35. Well, at age 37, my wife found this list and it's amazing how much of it actually happened. I guess it is true that when you write our your goals, you improve your chance of accomplishing them. Here is the list and my comment for each one...

The Year 2006:

My Parents will be in their 60's

Omi will be 87. (thankfully all are still alive and healthy - Omi turns 90 in April!)

- I'd like God to be smiling down on me. (pretty generic, but I still have an active prayer life - now more than ever.)

- I want to have a wife that will be my partner. (check)

- someone that loves to laugh...(oh yeah).

- I'd like to grow together (what does this mean? I guess so...)

- I want to be passionately in love (I won't go there in this blog :)

- I'd like to have 2 children (check)

- I want to be a loving, caring father (check)

- I want to be thinking positively (see title of my blog for the answer)

- I want to be improving (again, see title of my blog for the answer)

- I want to be educated about personal finances (Krissy and I just finished Financial Peace University this year and I'm always learning in this area. Thank you Dave Ramsey)

- I want to own my own marketing/consulting business (check - see,

- I want to be setting my own business and personal schedule (check - although sometime Krissy sets it for me).

- I want to be financially independent (not quite there yet)

- I want to have a healthy, manageable lifestyle (well, I'm healthy, but I could be more balanced)

- I want to have washboard abs (nope. Not even close. I'll make a commitment to have those when I'm 40 - nothing like a little procrastination...)

- I want to still be on a disciplined workout schedule (I try).

- I want to take lots of weekend trips to the beach (define 'lots'? 2-3 times per year, but they are longer than a weekend).

- I want to go snorkeling in the ocean. (done)

- I want to go hiking in the mountains. (did a lot of that this summer).

- I want to have close friends (check).

- I want to be playing lots of golf and tennis (again, define 'lots'? Tennis 7 or 8x per month, Golf 1x per month if I'm lucky).

- I want to be challenged mentally and physically (a little too general - c'mon Eric! What did I know, I was only 25).

- I want to go on a missions trip (nope. Disappointed I haven't been on one yet).

- I want to make smart, well thought-out decisions - not impulsive one. (half a check for effort on this one).

- I want to make my parents proud. (Maybe they will comment on this one, but I think they would say they are).

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  1. Awesome mate!! I gotta go dig up some of my old lists and see how I've done! Classic!!
    On the Mission trip angle..... I can help with that! Next year bro.... you, me.... AFRICA!!