Saturday, October 4, 2008

Succeeding Through Self-Discipline

Bill_rock_star_2One of the joys I have had since I started working for myself is working with a wonderful Englishman named Bill Williams (Sir William Williams as I like to call him). He's always been a source of wisdom, reason and laughter since I started my business. Mr. Bill, as the boys call him, has been a true friend. He's taught me a great deal about loyalty and honor in business and personal life. Not only is he my business partner in Europe, but he's also a good friend.

Mr. Bill has started a blog. I encourage you to check it out once in a while. It's chock full of info on books and music and the Christian walk. One blog he's recently written is an inspirational one titled "Succeeding Through Self-Discipline". RickwarrenIt talks about Rick Warren's book called God's Power To Change Your Life and 6 keys to living successfully in God's eyes through self-discipline. The six things are:

Successful people master their moods

Successful people watch their words

Successful people restrain their reactions

Successful people stick to their schedule

Successful people manage their money

Successful people manage their health

For the rest of the blog, check out, my dear friend, Bill Williams', iconnectdirect blog. If you're in England, Bill runs a fine online Christian shop called

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