Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Years Ago

Wedding1 Today, 10 years ago, I joined my heart and life to a beautiful, sincere, honest and compassionate woman - my precious Krissy.  250 family and friends from Germany, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Indiana and Nashville came to celebrate our day with us.  I'm so grateful for each of them being there.  I'm grateful for our parents helping to make this day so special for us.  It's hard to believe that was already ten years ago.  To be cliche, it seems like only yesterday.  I remember being emotionally moved looking out over the crowd and seeing 27 years of my life coming together for those few hours. 

It was a beautiful, sunny, late spring day.  I remember it being a bit hot and humid by the time everyone crowded into the little reformed church at 11am.  This was the church Krissy grew up in and it was a special day for her to be with all of her family and friends.  We were blessed that our pastor, Dale Evrist (New Song Christian Fellowship), could fly up for the weekend and marry us.

So much has happened since that day 10 years ago.  We have grown into a family of four and have so many precious memories of our time together - too many to list in one post. 

Tonight, I will be renewing my vows (which we personally wrote to each other) again to my bride.  As I read them, I realize how naive I was about marriage.  I wrote those vows as though I was a knight in shining armor - perfect and strong.  I'm ashamed to say, I haven't always lived up to them.  Over the years, I've fallen short.  I've been selfish.  I've been and said many things that were stupid and weak.  However, through it all, my wife has granted me a beautiful gift of grace.  We've learned God's place in our marriage ("...a threefold cord is not quickly broken..." - Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).  He has been and always will be our strength.  He alone has been our shield.  Because of His grace, we've been able to grow and flourish together.   

Wedding2 I sit here amazed at how much I've grown deeper in love with the woman I married since that day in May.  Right now, I'm just thankful that God knew what I needed.  He gave me a best friend, lover and companion 10 years ago.  I pray I get thousands more days to love her. 

Happy Anniversary Krissy!  I love you.

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  1. Hi Eric, For some reason, I didn't know about this blog! I have only been reading Duty Free Christian. This post is so beautiful. I encourage you however, to not ever give up your Knight in Shining Armor status. You are the warrior and that's what keeps everything alive, wild and dangerous. Krissy will always need the adventurous you so that you guys can really live! I hear you though on being weak over the years, it's something we have all done. Now, God's power will continue to be made perfect in our imperfection. Blessings to you both for another 100 years.