Monday, May 19, 2008

Korea Christian Rights Fair & Marketsquare Asia Events

I'm a member of the Christian Trade Association International.  I find the benefits to be very good as I sell and marketing Christian music globally.  Here is a recent press release regarding their Marketsquare Asia event and the Korea Christian Rights Fair...

CtailogoChristianTrade Assoc. International announced that Marketsquare Asia (Sept. 7-9 in Hong Kong) will also include the Korea Christian Rights Fair, Sept. 4-5, 2008 in Seoul. The event last year was so popular that ChristianTrade extended it an extra day and urges attendance from Christian publishers interested in selling translation rights to Korean publishers. The timing of the event also allows interested publishers the opportunity to participate in the new Indonesian Christian Book Fair scheduled for Sept. 12-13.

Ctaiasiaevent “With over 70 Korean Christian publishers participating in 2007, we decided to make it a two-day event this year,” Jim Powell, ChristianTrade president explained. “Korea is the largest rights market in the world for Christian publishers, so this event is ‘required’ for those seriously about capitalizing on their content. Plus, I am very excited to be able to support the launch of the Indonesian Christian Book Fair the following week. We are seeing dramatic increases in the distribution of Christian resources in many countries. But, to find this kind of enthusiasm for a public proclamation of faith in the world’s largest Muslim country is a miracle that could only come from God.”

For more information about Marketsquare Asia and the Korea Christian Rights Fair, please e-mail To participate as an exhibitor, contact Gary Foster (+1-419-238-4082 or

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