Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Golf with Mom

Golfwithmom My mom came to visit us for Mother's Day this weekend.  My dad was away in Germany visiting his mom.  Since my mom is a golf fanatic (even more than me) she and I got a chance to play 42 holes over the long weekend.  Every guy friend of mine I told about my mom coming and that we would be playing golf, couldn't believe it.  I'd watch their eyes pop out of their heads and their jaws drop in complete awe that my mom and I played golf together.  I think there was a hint of jealousy in it as well.  I guess it's not very common to have a mom that loves to play golf.  It may be every son's dream to play a sport with their mom or every husband's dream to play a sport together with his wife.  Well, I guess I'm lucky and blessed to have a mom I can play sports with.

By the way, we played Bluegrass Golf and Yacht Club on Friday, The Fairways of Spencer Creek on Monday.  I'd recommend Bluegrass for the serious golf enthusiast.  Spencer Creek is a par 3 course. It's local and cheap.

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