Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday New Music Review - Norway's Lester

Lesterthisvillagecvr This week I discovered a gem out of the stack of CDs I took home from GMA Week.  A band out of Norway called Lester.  Their CD This Village (available on iTunes) has been in my player since Monday.  I was first struck by the cool artwork of the project.  Then, I popped it in the player and WOW - the music and artwork were perfect. 

My favorite cuts on the album are the first 7.  You can hear 3 tunes on the Lester myspaceYou Make Me Wonder is a fantastic opening cut, This Village has an incredible hook, Love makes you Lester2want to slow dance with your sweetheart and it just gets better and better from there. 

To sum it up: great 70's grooves, fun summer top-down-in-your-car chillin' music and vocals like Maroon 5.  Very current, very good!  Maybe we can get them to the US!  I'm in contact with Mudi Distribution now...we'll see.

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  1. What a cool find! I listened to the songs on their myspace...must buy on itunes!