Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alex The Spy

Alexpaper1_2Alex and his neighborhood buddies were playing spy games yesterday. I was blown away by his creativity. He came up Alexpaper2to me and showed me one of his spy gadgets. What a cool invention.

Alexpaper3It was a piece of paper folded up. On the outside, it is a phone. You can see, the word "Sprint" on the top. Alexpaper4

You turn it over, and it's a portable HD camera.

Alexpaper5Then, you open it up and it becomes an ipod complete with tracks from Krissy Nordhoff and Eric Nordhoff.

Then, you fold it open even further and it becomes a Dell brand laptop.

When it opens up with the keyboard, you immediately are taken to the home page of Google.

Very original and creative. I'm so proud of you, Alex.

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