Friday, September 12, 2008

So Much Stuff!!

Garagesalesign We're about to undertake another garage sale that our neighborhood/community is sponsoring.  Oh boy, is it fun (sarcasm).  Organizing clothes, throwing out trash.  It's amazing we find more and more junk every 6 months to sell and/or throw out.  For the last 2 years, we've sold the same amount of stuff every 6 months.  How does that happen?  Do we really accumulate so much stuff in just half a year?  Who knows. 

This time, though, we have a purpose and a goal for the sale.  We're expecting our third baby and we need furniture.  The boys are moving into the bonus room, the baby is moving into their room.  We have big remodelling plans for the upstairs we're about to take on.  Hpim0969_2 So, our goal is to make $1000 at this sale (the most we've ever made) and use that to buy some furniture for the boys room (maybe even at this garage sale, from someone selling stuff).  I'll let you know how it goes after tomorrow.

A fellow blogger friend has a challenge on his blog called the "100 Thing Challenge". He challenges you to remove everything from your life except 100 Things.  100 key things you must have to live your life.  To learn more, visit his site.  I'm not up for the challenge...yet.  1000 Things, maybe.

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